slowly returning

well I had to take some time off, for those that remember I am disabled and have been poorly, however recently I figured that I can’t rest easy until I have made some efforts at doing what I can to make the dream come true so I am slowly trying to return to raising money for Arcadia Gardens, I am not able to put in the same efforts as before , there are a lot of things I can no longer do so for now I am concentrating on producing cups, all my own artwork/design, I hope that in time I will be able to add other items but for now I have to work at a much slower pace so forgive me for my absence and forgive me for my reduced efforts now and a huge thank you for anyone still following this little corner of the internet, wishing everyone a fabulous day!

here is one of the cups;

time 1


  1. alhenry · 4 Days Ago

    Hey Fourty Two–new here. So what are/where is Arcadia Gardens. The cup, by the way, looks really lovely.


    • fourtytwoweb · 4 Days Ago

      hi, thank you for your comment and kind words, i must apologise usually when someone hovers over the Arcadia Gardens logo a link appears to the description, it seems i forgot to add the link in this case so thank you for alerting me to this, hopefully it works now, here is the link just in case it doesn’t, thank you again and i hope you have a lovely day


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