REPOST-Let’s Talk About Autism — xYOOPx

Dear Readers, There is something that I have realised I have never spoken about on my blog, meanwhile I have shared it on Instagram and Facebook. (That’s the problem with trying to have too many social media’s). In February of this year I was diagnosed as having Autism Spectrum Disorder. This might come as a […]

Let’s Talk About Autism — xYOOPx


  1. 100 Country Trek · 10 Days Ago

    Hope all goes well. 🙏

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    • fourtytwoweb · 9 Days Ago

      i hope so too, thank you for your kind comment it is really appreciated and i hope you have a lovely day!

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  2. Americaoncoffee · 4 Days Ago

    May God bless you. I have never heard of Autism. It seems that many years ago, Autism wasn’t diagnosed nor understood. Since the 1980s awareness has heightened. I wonder about the cause of Autism. One of my relatives who has Autism is a mathematical genius.

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    • fourtytwoweb · 3 Days Ago

      hi, thank you for your comment, i will admit that i too had no experience until my son was born, it was obvious from his birth something was different, and he had to go through triage, which in the uk at that time was 18 months of tests, then i was given the diagnosis, he is now 20 and the world of experience i have now i could write books on the subject. there are so many levels within autism, each person is an individual and so each case is individual, whilst your relative has a talent with maths it is individual to him, my son is very different, his world has many challenges, the best way i can describe some of his challenges is; an overload of sensory perception, imagine you’re alone in a dark room and there is a huge tv screen on every wall, no way out , each tv screen is tuned to every channel at once, you are surrounded by constant blaring loud noises and huge pictures overly bright and all constantly changing and all in languages you do not know, and this is just the basics, the sounds are deafening, the pictures are blinding, and there is no escape, worse the pictures and sounds often depict traumatic events, you are bombarded day and night with traumatic and frightening sounds and images, i could go on but like i said it would turn into a book, i am now nearly 57, and i am the only person my son has, and i started to work on the idea of arcadia gardens because i live in fear of the future and i knew that to improve the future i had to do something, i knew i needed to provide a safe environment and a community for my son and others who suffer with autism and have additional needs, it is my driving force, thank you again i appreciate your comment and i hope you have a lovely day

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      • Americaoncoffee · 3 Days Ago

        The symptoms you described are similar to my panic attacks which I haven’t had in some time. Maybe their is a little autism in a loot of us. I have heard too, that some people grow out of Autism and Attention Deficit Syndromes.. I trust in God for a cure. Take care.❤️❤️❤️❤️

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      • fourtytwoweb · 3 Days Ago

        in my experience it is a life long suffering in my personal experience in which there is not only my son but the schools where i met many children who suffered and have now grown to adulthood and their suffering has increased, it is not only life long it actually becomes worse over time not just the challenges faced but the ignorance and impatience of others, this is the uk so i am sure that there are other situations in the country where you are, there is no cure for such disabilities there is only the hope of compassion within others, an acceptance of the fact that life can be immensely difficult for people with autism, for so many their life is near to impossible, you agree i hope that the ability to feed one self is paramount to living a sustainable life, my son cannot, he cannot use an oven, he cannot use a knife, he cannot go shopping, he cannot communicate with others, he cannot use money, he cannot go outside, even when provided with food there are certain foods he cannot eat, the reasons for all this would once again require me writing a book, autism is very complex, if i am not here he will go hungry, like i said when life is a constant barrage of inputs that a person cannot understand and find immensely traumatic, it becomes so immensely difficult it cannot be lived without the help of others, one does not grow out of autism one can only hope others learn to understand and help. thank you for your comment i trust in god to help others be compassionate and exercise patience and offer help to those that need it, have a great day.

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