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It is well-known among my friends and associates that I have a rather eclectic view on life, and among the many concepts and ideals out there I find I strongly feel that certain groups or political policies reflect some of my thinking. Not all of these groups mentioned have my full support, many I support only a few areas of what they represent, others I find much more to be attracted to. None of them have my affiliation as such as I have never yet found one group where I am in complete agreement.

Of these groups I have found for a number of years the original Anonymous, and yes Lulzsec and other minority groups sheltering under the anon umbrella held my interest and I supported many of the concepts and causes. I also found I had strong FemCom and ANCom leanings though again I never found either group to be of enough interest to hold my attention and I never affiliated with either, I still agree with some of their principles though. I firmly believe also that I appreciate and respect the ‘new anon’ or the evolving of anonymous to include all who wish to see a better world. Groups within anon like the street medics and good protest groups I also appreciate and some of the protests I have supported and will do so again should I feel the cause they are promoting is worth it. I will choose. I do consider myself anon, but I no longer consider myself active in any way; the breaking point of my old psychologically damaging way of thinking came when I took the decision ; if I have one more argument with my boyfriend then I leave everything from my old life behind, everything, that meant effectively and definitively leaving all anon, politics, green /ecological warrior groups.

an old anon pic of me and its the nearest you will ever get to seeing me 🙂

I hold strong core beliefs in; doing right, doing good, improving the world, helping people especially those with less than I have, in reaching out to those who cannot ask for help for themselves, in the idea that people are born good, babies do not come into this world with pre-conceived ideologies, they have no notion of hate, it is the experiences we go through, and our reactions to those experiences that makes our personality. I believe in seeing good where I can, being good where I can, showing love where I can, however I have learned that in response to my abusive childhood I had in fact gone too far down this line and was not able to see those that are around that cannot be helped.

I always thought love was the answer to everything, but now I know that often you can love someone but you can’t help them. It is at this point the concept of self-care comes in but it is a subject that requires a whole post of its own and this is a page for posting information I still find relevant regarding anon and other political issues, and therefore I shall post in case others find it relevant too. I am obsessed with answers, finding answers, I am also obsessed with truth, finding the truth, knowing the truth, helping others to see the truth.

Truth? so much held to be true is in fact subjective, it only holds true for some, or in some circumstance, so how then can we find an absolute truth? again this is a subject worthy of a future post, on this page I shall post what I currently consider to be the closest to the truth I can find, however I remain open at all times to new evidence, to new ways of thinking, (I prefer lateral thinking wherever possible) to new paradigms, new theories, basically I remain open and I openly invite others who feel they either know something they feel to be true, or to present evidence, or rational thinking producing new concepts, or facts, or information, even if it that is contrary to anything I have put. Nothing is resolute, especially in the world of the media, the matrix, the convoluted thinking of those that rule our lives. In short I welcome being advised or informed, I welcome new facts or the correction of any I get wrong, I welcome conversation, debate, and friendly banter. I will not entertain any trolling or ridiculously offensive comments views or attitudes, its simple; play nice or your comment vanishes like an old oak table, extra points if you know where that reference is from, so lets begin with a meme or two 🙂


and this is my point, whether or not you agree with any political party is not my interest, to me all politcal parties are at the very least suspicious and should be monitored and held accountable in very real and effective ways. I personally do not care at all which party you promote, support, affiliate with. I do care about basic human rights, and the respect and dignity of all humans and the right to live in a free world without fear. So do not try to promote any political party at me rather tell me your hopes and wishes, what you would do and have done to improve the world, to help others, to bring justice. Dont sell me your policies, your ideals, your distorted views of the world, to me if you affiliate to any one particular party then your views are skewed to that outlook. I will not bond with just one view-point on life, especially on a life that is in a constant state of flux. I will often enter open and respectful discussion and I will research anything I find to be of interest that you say.


One of the biggest problems I find, and it does prevent me from entering debates unless I feel assured it is unbiased, is the idea that many people simply do not realise just how privileged their life is. So many feel hard done by, that their life is somehow suffering, yet the causes they profess to feel so injured about have no real cause for concern on my part as they have no idea of the very real yet utterly basic destruction of human rights, simple human rights, the right to have access to water, the right to live a life free from fear, free from servitude, the right to live in a non police state, the right to have freedom of speech, the right to safety within a social system whether that system is a health service such as hospital, or a place of education,  or in the home, the right for a child to grow without being subjected to violence/harm, abandonment, toxic care giving, the right for a prisoner to be safe and have a voice and a right of appeal in the light of new evidence, the right to speak the truth, to reveal fraud, to speak up against wrong doing, and the right to protest and be heard when questioning the government of the land, and the right to safety once having had the courage to stand up.


I do not like or entertain weak arguments, if your viewpoint is centered in the matrix, if you believe in whats reported in the mainstream media, if your  opinions are based on what you heard on the news or what your next door neighbour thinks, if you cannot go out and research and be alone with your own thoughts, making your own decisions, then really you won’t find this much help, I don’t believe in spoon-feeding information, rather I will present a concept, an idea, and if you find it interesting the go do the research thing.





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