Much Ado About Nothing


well I thought it was funny, ok?

you see I have had what can be termed a ‘challenging’ life and through most of it I have resorted quite often to a sort of dark, gallows humour, now I appreciate that my sense of humour doesn’t appeal to everyone but this is my blog so it’s what I find funny I will be sharing, good how that works, you know sort of like; I like this, I found it funny therefore I shall share it and guess what 🙂 if you don’t find it funny then fair enough, I am sure there are funny blogs around you can visit 🙂 my liberal use of smilies is always to denote what I am joking/smiling/please don’t take me seriously/honestly I never meant to offend you, so please enjoy, or not, I will post anyway, facebook taught me that unless one clearly puts a disclaimer then people can be offended at the slightest thing 🙂


see that wasn’t too difficult was it 🙂 let’ s try another


i also love memes/make memes/collect indiscriminately memes… have been warned 🙂